Presentation Topics

Please join us for one of our many speaking presentations. Developed to enhance the client's understanding of most any segment of practice administration, and to deliver the most up to date industry information, we will provide presentations in your office or in ours, whichever most efficiently serves the client needs.

  • How to Run Your Medical Practice Like a Business (Solo Presentation or Series)
  • Strategic Planning for Medical Practices During Uncertain Times
  • Analyzing and Selecting a Legal Entity for Your Practice (usually taught in conjunction with an attorney)
  • Creative Ways to Strive and Thrive in Today's Economy
  • Navigating the Future of Your Medical Practice
  • Front Desk Efficiencies for Improved Collections
  • Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for Your Practice
  • Top 10 Practice Efficiency Tips
  • Preparing for Healthcare Reform/ACA
  • Positioning Your Practice for the Future
  • Starting a Successful Medical Practice
  • Alternative Scheduling Techniques
  • It's All About the Revenue
  • Is Your Accounts Receivables as Sick as Your Patients?
  • Managed Care Contract Analysis and Negotiation (Solo Presentation or Series)
  • To Par or not to Par: That is the Question!
  • Golden Guidance: Techniques to Reduce Denials and Win Appeals
  • A Proven Process to Uncover Your Top Billing Problems and Improve Your Collections
  • How to Clean Up Your Accounts Receivables Before Year End
  • Patient Collections: Why They are More Important than Ever Before
  • Top 10 Most Common Billing Mistakes
  • Calculating the Cost of Your Medical Services
  • Why an Annual Budget is Essential to Your Practice's Success
  • Year End Planning Strategies
  • How to Improve Your Bottom Line
  • Evaluating Your Practice's Lines of Business
  • Physician Compensation Modeling
    How to Conduct an Operational Assessment of Your Practice
  • The Art and Science of Negotiation
  • Communication Skills for Practice Administrators